Home energy reports farce

Did you know? When considering Energy performance ratings for your next home. The whole EPC  system is a complete farce, with no quality checks, the ratings themselves are based on assumptions and guess work.

So when you are looking at your next home to buy, use common sense and have a look in the attic, take a look at the light bulbs and ask to see the energy bills.

Did you know? If you had 2  energy assessors in you would get 2 different results. And they want to charge you money for this…

For the home buyer the only fact these Energy reports contain is whether its a house or a flat, and should not be given anything more than a passing glance.

If you consider homes are rated out of 100, Which means a D rated home 63% efficient can change to a B rated home 72 % efficient, for a few pieces of silver. see Psst want a better report

For the home seller to get there home up from D to a B Rating would involve

  1. Fitting double glazing £4000
  2. cavity wall insulation £380 [can cause cavity bridge which = Damp.]
  3. solar panels                 £4500

A cost to the seller of the home of almost £10,000 for savings of £126 per year.

No one is seriously going to spend this on there home just to sell it.


Success success HIPS are gone…

Hips are gone what a result, nor more of those money grabbing little creeps coming around your home talking a load of rubbish and then charging for the privilege…


Now the housing market can get back to normal, HIPS cost thousands of home sales, as sellers were reluctant to pay for a hips pack just to put their toe in the water..

Now they can…

Hips packs no complaints procedure

Hips packs are so useless, as are the rip off pack providers, that their is no official complaints procedure..

So not only do you get riped off, but you have to go through the procedure below, or jump straight to the county courts to get recompense.

The Torries have pledged to scrap HIPS so vote Torrie at the next election and get rid of this rubbish..

Home Information Packs – a guide for HIP providers
Complaints procedures for Home Information Pack providers

Currently, there is no mandatory complaints procedure for Home Information Pack (HIP) providers. The handling of a complaint against you depends on whether you are a member of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) or a similar organisation.

If you are not an AHIPP member, there may be no formal redress scheme. However, the complainant could seek legal redress.

If you are a member, the complainant may use the Independent Property Codes Adjudication Scheme (IPCAS) when:

they have exhausted your complaints procedure
they have asked you or the scheme administrator for a complaints application form and brought the claim within three months of the last communication from you.

The dispute does not involve a claim for more than £5,000, including consequential damages and VAT, for any one consumer – any element for inconvenience will be limited to £250 per claim
the dispute does not involve a complicated issue of law
the dispute is not subject to an existing or previous court action unless that action is suspended or discontinued by agreement between the parties or by order of the court

How the complaints procedure works
The complainant must ask you or the scheme administrator for an IPCAS Adjudication Claim Form, if endorsed by you.

If you are registered with the Property Codes Compliance Board you must accept an application for adjudication under the IPCAS if the dispute has not been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction by your internal complaints-handling procedure.

The complainant’s application must give reasons for items claimed and should include details of:

events leading to the dispute
the precise nature of the dispute
grounds for claiming the items or remedy sought
reasons for the amount of compensation sought
The application can be supported by documentation, but should not consist only of correspondence.

What happens next?The administrator will send you a copy of the claim. You have 14 working days from date of receipt to respond to the claim or to provide written confirmation that the claim has been settled and how. Failing this, the adjudicator will determine the dispute by considering the complainant’s information only.

The IPCAS then sends the complainant your reply and gives them seven days to make final comments, which the administrator then sends to you. An independent adjudicator is appointed.

Decisions and outcomes
The adjudicator will usually make a decision within six weeks of application. The administrator will provide you and the complainant with a copy of the decision and its rationale. If the adjudicator agrees with the complaint, you may have to:

apologise or explain
take practical action that benefits the complainant
pay compensation up to £5,000 including VAT
change your policies or procedures
The complainant should then contact the IPCAS within six weeks of the date of the decision to say whether they accept it. If they do, you will need to pay compensation within four weeks. If you do not accept the decision, you may take the dispute to court.

If any party has a complaint about the IPCAS, adjudicator or a member of the administrator’s staff then the complaint should be made by following the administrator’s complaints procedure.

HIPs are compulsory for most homes marketed for sale in England and Wales.

Complaints about Independent Pack Providers Association members
All companies belonging to the Independent Pack Providers Association (IPPA) are required to appoint a person to handle complaints.

If you want to make a complaint about an IPPA member, you should address your complaint in writing to the person responsible for handling complaints.

All complaints will be acknowledged within one week and you can expect a decision within four weeks. Find information on how to complain about an IPPA member on the IPPA website – Opens in a new window.

B&Q Caerphilly avoid it

Just a word of warning if your considering shopping at B&Q Caerphilly store, the staff are rude the products apart from paint are very poorly made..

Do not purchase any B&q OWN BRAND PRODUCTS THEY ARE RUBBISH.. the kitchens are made in China…

Power tools by Macalister are rubbish and if they suspect you have been using power tools on more than a DIY job they will not change them and point to a disclaimer.

The B&Q Caerphilly store price promise is not worth the paper its written on, with so many terms and conditions the chance of you getting a price match refund is virtually nil..

B&Q Caerphilly store you rate as 1 out 10

B&Q prices forced to drop

After we disclosed that B&Q prices were increasing, it seems that an about turn has taken place and B&Q prices have been forced to drop.

In an interesting quote from a B&Q General Manager, who admitted that “the decline in sales in general had more to do with weak management and poor customer interaction”…

B&Q customers were also not very happy, when they found out that The new Cooke and Lewis kitchens range were more cheap Chinese made rubbish…

The B&Q prices can drop even lower as most of the products in store are Chinese made with a mark up of over 50%, Plus the carbon footprint on these must be horrendous

B&Q owner Kingfisher today said UK sales had continued to slide as it slashed prices in a “particularly difficult time for consumers”.

The group said B&Q sales declined 5.9% on a like-for-like basis in the 13 weeks to January 31, but this was an improvement on the previous quarter as customers bought more so-called “big-ticket” kitchen and bathroom products.

Heavy discounting shaved £17m off gross margins at the chain, but Kingfisher said this was fully offset by cost savings.

Total revenues at B&Q declined by 5.5% to £825m.

Across the company’s UK division, which also includes the trade business Screwfix, like-for-like sales were down 6.8% and total sales fell 4.2% to £947m.

B&Q prices increase

B&Q Prices: Diy retailer B&Q forced to increase prices as the cost of shipping from China starts to Bite.

As reported previously the B&Q market share has beans steadily dropping with stiff competition from Wickes the Diy builders merchants.

To further add to B&Q price increase woes, a new Wickes store has been opened virtually next door to the Caerphilly B&Q store, and has had a devastating effect on turnover. With Wikes being considerably cheaper than B&Q prices…

Also B&Q refused to honour a promise to give customers 10 per cent off if they can find a product for a lower price anywhere else.

Which makes their Price promise a total farce and nothing but misleading rubbish..

Hips branded useless

From the Independent: “Utterly pointless are HIPS breaking the back of the housing market”…

Which is something we have been saying for years, plus and this is the kicker..

A recent survey by Birmingham trading standards found that the majority of Hips packs were very unsatisfactory quality

Plus Hips packs have a very short shelf life, if the conservatives come to power, they will be scrapped, a promise made by the shadow housing minister Gran Shapps Mp. Who looks forward to tearing up this useless piece of red tape..